Landlord-Tenant Law

Washington law imposes many legal obligations on landlords and tenants alike.  But, the ramifications for a tenant violating the tenancy rules and laws are far more serious than the penalties against landlords.  Overall, Landlord-Tenant Law is weighted heavily towards landlords in Washington.  However, there are many legal protections for tenants as well if the tenant knows his or her rights and is willing to assert and defend those rights.

The biggest rule to remember in Landlord-Tenant Law is PAY YOUR RENT. Most of the legal protections available to tenants can only be asserted if the tenant is up-to-date with rent.  Even if the landlord is violating the law, generally tenants only have legal remedies if they are current in their rent.

Athena’s Guide is geared toward tenants and tenant’s rights and responsibilities.  But there is important information here for landlords too, especially if you have a problem tenant and you want to end the tenancy quickly and legally.