Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes

Special issues arise when a tenant owns a mobile home but rents the space where the mobile home is parked. There is a state law called The Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act which governs these situations. (Note that if you rent your mobile home and the lot it is on, you are covered by the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.)

The eviction process for mobile home owners is similar to the process for residential landlords, but the warning periods are different:

  • 5-day warning to pay or vacate or creating a nuisance
  • 15-day warning to vacate Conviction of the tenant of a crime, commission of which threatens the health, safety, or welfare of the other mobile home park tenants
  • No 20-day notice. If the park is changing use, tenants are entitled to 12 months’ notice.

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